Down to Earth Wellness
Down to Earth Wellness
Massage, Tarot & Personal Coaching in a Friendly & Relaxed Environment

Collinsville, CT | Simsbury, CT

Down to Earth Wellness


Massage, personal coaching & tarot readings in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Molly Bouffard, LMT

860.325.0394 (call or text)



Hi, I’m Molly…

After 12 years in the nonprofit industry, I decided to follow my own path to work I truly enjoy. This led me to massage therapy and personal coaching - because I love helping people feel better and make positive life changes.

My goal is to help YOU live the life you truly desire. Whether it's simply feeling less stressed through massage or planning a major life change with coaching I'm here to help!

I mix together a little bit of the spiritual, the scientific, and the mundane to give you a well-rounded experience. You can expect lots of personal attention in a completely relaxed, confidential space.

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Where to find me


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111 Main St., Collinsville, CT 06098 (primary)

916 Hopmeadow St., Simsbury, CT 06070 (bodywork only)